Best Cities in the World for Students

Best Cities in the World for Students

Having an experience of studying abroad is much more than learning a language or adding more knowledge to your profession. It is giving you the opportunity to reside in a different environment, with rules and norms probably different from those you know, and with the chance to connect with people with other habits and worldviews; even with a rhythm and a lifestyle that can bring you valuable reflections, questions and learning.

While the options are endless, there are cities that are considered more friendly to be a student. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to reap new ideas, lessons, languages ​​or specialties, it will surely be useful to know which are the metropolises that, according to the 2017 ranking of QS Top University, are the best destinations to be a student.

Adelaide, Australia

In the tenth place we have this cosmopolitan Australian city. The cost of living in this city is 20% cheaper than other big cities in that country. The weather is usually cold, but it is not extreme. Also, this city is famous for having high-level schools. In addition, being a tourist city, this sector offers good employment opportunities for professionals or for students looking to work part-time. In addition, for fun it has large shopping centers, beach, museums, public parks and bars and restaurants of international stature.

London, United Kingdom

He climbed two positions in this last ranking. Although it is not an economic city, it compensates for the fact that it concentrates recognized universities worldwide and offers multiple professional opportunities.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Full of monumental buildings built during the reign of Christian IV in the 17th century, this city has sneaked into the top 10 in the world to live. You can enjoy a boat ride between colorful houses on the shore of the pier, stroll through its beautiful parks or visit Rosenborg Castle to feel inside a story. The weather is cold, however, that does not prevent residents from enjoying the terraces to socialize. As for education, this city has the best schools in that Scandinavian country and job offers are wide.

Paris, France

A vibrant and always attractive city. Some of the most prominent philosophers, intellectuals, scientists, politicians and leaders of the last century emerged from its most important universities and schools.

Tokyo, Japan

This city combines the past and the future in a present that amazes muschos of those who visit it. This place has the most gigantic and technological buildings in the world and in turn protects beautiful ancient sanctuaries that remind us of the cultural wealth of that country. The transport system has the fastest and most sophisticated trains in the world. It is also home to many international companies, so it offers a wide range of job opportunities. Japanese food is famous around the world and Tokyo has the best restaurants to enjoy it. It hosts the best shows and has a variety of museums, shopping centers, bars and discos to enjoy the night.

Toronto, Canada

This beautiful city in the north of the American continent is considered a migrant paradise, since it is said that at least half of its inhabitants were not born in that country. The weather is usually extreme, in winter the cold is intense and in summer the heat and humidity reign, but its residents say it is part of the beauty of living there. It also has an area of buildings that houses large companies which makes this place the right place to get work and settle.

Vancouver, Canada

The city, located between the mountains and the Pacific coast, has a large stretch of beaches to the west and is surrounded by natural parks to the east. It is considered an expensive city, however, the services are of high quality and it has positioned itself as one of the safest in the world. In addition, its business dynamism makes it a suitable place to get a job.

Calgary, Canada

This North American country repeats on the list with another of its cities. Calgary belongs to the province of Alberta and is known for its ecotourism and the possibility of winter sports. In addition, it is a place that blends the modern and the traditional. The city is full of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues that make the nightlife vibrate and hosts events such as the Calgary Stampade, the Folk Music Festival, the Lilac Festival or the Global Fest, among others.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is the 3rd largest city of Japan and one of the main cities in the Kansai region. Osaka is home to one of the most important ports of the county and also resides some of the major cities and industrial centres. As in Tokyo, its job opportunities are wide and it is considered one of the safest in the world.

Sydney, Australia

This city, capital of New South Wales, is one of the largest cities in the country. It is famous for its Opera House, with a characteristic candle-shaped design. The huge Darling Port and the Circular Quay port also stand out. This place hosts important shows and offers a great atmosphere in your night life.

Seoul, North Korea

The capital of South Korea, stands out in several aspects but especially in the employment opportunities for those who graduate from their universities. In addition, it is a city that never stops; It is active 24 hours a day so it is unlikely to get bored.

Melbourne, Australia

It is a booming city that combines the best of Australian arts, culture, cuisine and landscapes. It is a vibrant mix of hidden alleys, beautiful beaches and incredible street art. It has an excellent educational system, so thousands of students from all over the world come to this place to continue their academic projects.

Vienna, Austria

For the second consecutive year, this city occupies the first place in the list of the 10 best cities in the world to live by obtaining the highest score in categories such as stability, culture and environment, education and infrastructure and medical care. City is located in far east part of the country along with the shores of Danube River. It is the home to some of the great legends from history such as Sigmund Freud and Beethoven.

Criteria to evaluate

Why can one city be more student friendly than another? QS Top University, analyzes six categories.

  • Accessibility in economic terms. That is, if the share of universities and the cost of living is more or less high.
  • It is related to the desire to go that students profess, as well as to the levels of security, corruption and pollution, among other aspects, keys of the place.
  • Employment activity. Data linked to the possibility of getting work for students are measured, as well as the number of local and international employers that identify at least one institution in the city that produces excellent graduates.
  • Ranking It is linked to the performance of the city’s universities in the world ranking of the best houses of study.
  • Mix of students It has to do with the number of students that a city has in proportion to its inhabitants, but also with the number of foreign students and levels of tolerance and exclusion they experience.
  • Student look This category was included in the last rank and takes into account the direct opinion of students and graduates. Among other things, the experience of foreign students is analysed based on aspects such as tolerance and inclusion, diversity, cordiality, ease of mobility, costs, nightlife, employment opportunities, art and culture. But also questions as if the graduates are willing to continue living at least one more year in the city.
  • Where would you like to travel your experience? If your choice coincides with the cities that stand in the rankings, you can be sure you’ll have great opportunities.


When one considers studying at the university, one of the most complicated decisions is to choose where to do it. It all depends on both the academic level and other types of attractions or activities, the possibility of getting a job, the cost of living and studying, etc.